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For Local Health Departments

Local health departments work to improve the health of people and communities in North Carolina. Support resources that the division provides to health departments include generalized nursing consultation, administrative consultation, and accreditation.

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Re-Accreditation Tools
Tool Description
Overall Timeline (PPT, 115 KB) High-level overview of the 4-year re-accreditation cycle for a NC Local Health Department (LHD).
General Meeting Minutes Template (DOC, 19 KB) To assist LHD's effectiveness and consistency in documenting General meetings minutes.
Board of Health Meeting Minutes Template (DOC, 55 KB) To aid LHD's in documenting Board of Health meeting minutes reflective of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR).
Board of Health Annual Accreditation Schedule (DOC, 15 KB) Overall 4 year plan broken down annually that lists monthly accreditation activities to assist LHD’s plan and execute requirements. Requirements may vary per agency; examples are not all inclusive.
Personnel Annual Checklist (DOC, 55 KB) To help support LHD's in conducting and documenting employee performance evaluations/appraisals, and maintaining personnel files in accordance with NC Public Health Accreditation standards.
Agency Required Annual Trainings Checklist (DOC, 16 KB) Annual list of training sessions by month to assist LHD’s meet training requirements. Required trainings may vary per agency; examples are not all inclusive.
Re-Accreditation Category and Assignment Tracking Tool (CATT) (XLS, 1 MB) To facilitate the assignment and tracking of re-accreditation benchmark activity evidence collection throughout the 4 year cycle.

 Aid to Counties


 Community Health Assessment

 Dispensing of Drugs by Public Health Registered Nurses - Updated 05/18/17

The new PHN Dispensing Training is now available below. PHN&PDU is no longer offering continuing education credits in association with the training. Your pharmacist may use these materials for training, but you will need to issue your own certificate of completion and maintain your own attendance and training agenda records for Accreditation and the Board of Pharmacy. Please continue to send a copy of the attendance roster to the office PHN&PDU each time a training is offered in your agency.

 Documentation and Coding - Updated 06/26/17

 Finance 101 Workshops - Updated 05/04/17


 ICD-10 Implementation

 Practice Management - Updated 06/26/17

 Problem Oriented Health Record (POHR)

 Purchase of Medical Care Services

 Records Retention

 Statistical Analysis Support

 Tobacco Cessation